Homage To Sergeant Jasper

By Werner Willis

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SN Giclee Canvas Edition of 150 size 16″ X 20″


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Homage to Sergeant Jasper

Charleston, South Carolina

On June 28th, 1776, the British Fleet, under the command of Admiral Parker, made an all out effort to capture Charleston, South Carolina. William Moultrie was the commander of the fort on Sullivan’s Island where the invasion was halted. Built of palmetto logs, Fort Moultrie withstood the cannon fire effectively, for the balls sank into the soft wood which did not break or splinter. The British suffered heavy loses, and Admiral Parker was forced to withdraw his fleet.

During the battle, the fort’s flagstaff was cut away by a British canon ball, and the Crescent Flag of South Carolina fell outside upon the beach. Sergeant Jasper leaped from the fortress in a hail of British fire, brought back the flag, and fixed it firmly on the bastion in sight of the whole fleet. That day he became a South Carolina legend, and is honored with a statue on the Charleston Battery.