Mel Steele Gallery

Mel Steele

A North Carolina native, Mel Steele studied art and received his B.F.A. from Virginia Commonwealth University. He worked as an art director and illustrator for many years before focusing on painting and sculpture. His original paintings are found in corporate and private collections throughout the United States. Adept at various styles and techniques, Steele’s body of work ranges over an amazing breadth of both subject and medium. From photo-realism to abstract expressionism, from landscapes to portraits, Mel Steele exhibits a stunning mastery. Mel produces scenes of North Carolina life and moonshine with Junior Johnson
Ten Forty Two
South Carolina’s Finest Framed
Ten Twenty Eight
Reception Committee
Through The Years
Man Hunt
High Sheriff
Likker Business NA
The Payoff-NA
Junior And The Boys
Moonshine Mechanics
Curing Tobacco-NA

Thickets Edge-NA
The Orchard
Pack House-NA
Times Remembered
The Thief-NA
Farmers Market Remarque-NA
Sidewalk Sale
Tildas Cabin-NA
Street Artist-NA
Henry Nobles Storehouse
Tharpes Mill-NA
Henry Nobel’s Porch
Wary Visitor
Henry Nobles Porch Remarque
Henry Nobles Loft
Hazel’s Wash
Hazel’s Cabin
Homemade Remarque
Merchantile Remarque Buggy
Merchantile Remarque Mailbox
Merchantile Remarque
Grandpas Pleasures Grandmas Treasures
Spring Cleaning-NA
Snow Shadow-NA
Sarah’s Geese-NA
Winters End-NA
Wentworth Winter-NA
Overhang Barn-NA
Morning Thaw-NA
Mill Pond-NA
Home Place-NA
First Bloom-NA
Attic Treasures-NA
Dust Silt And Sweat-NA
Berry Pots-NA
Blue Crab-NA
Mill Stream Remarque
Mrs Shaws Bouquet
Hidden Prey-NA
Blue Birds-NA