Jeff Jakub Gallery

Jeff Jakub

Like many children, Jeffrey Jakub spent all of his free time as a child drawing and creating with his vivid imagination. As an adult, Jeff still uses that vivid imagination to create works of art.
Jeff graduated from the Newark School of Fine and Industrial Art and over the years he has worked as an art director, fashion illustrator and advertisement artist for various newspapers, catalogs. magazines and ad agencies.
After moving to North Carolina in 1986, Jeff began to capture simple and historical scenes of regional interest as a way to preserve them. Jeff said, “I see the beauty of things and have a desire to share it with others”.
Jeff always keeps his camera handy to record scenes to preserve in his paintings later. He sells his art and teaches painting to others, encouraging them to use their talents creatively. He has won more than 160 awards for his work including 8 Best in Show and 20 Viewers Choice Awards.
Offering high-quality limited-edition prints is one way Jeff shares what he feels and sees with his audience while preserving memories for future generations to enjoy.

Planting Tobacco
Tobacco Pays The Bills
Grandpa’s Tobacco Barn
Old Friends
Feeding Time
Winter At Salem
Winston Salem Southbound
VA Creeper At West Jefferson
Winston Salem Southbound Original
VA Creeper At Todd
The Moonshiner
The Likker Days
Junior And The Rumfelt Boys
Thunder Road
Ten Forty Three
Justice At Love Valley
Sheriffs Posse
Sheriffs Posse At Love Valley
Sunday Morning At Love Valley
Appalachian State University
Wait Chapel
UNC Charlotte
The Old Well
East Carolina
Cambell University
Baptism At Tharps Mill
Sunday Morning
Spring On Buggaboo Creek
Ronda Hardware
Southern Heritage
Savanna Staircase
Salem Snowfall
After The Snow
Old Salem Square
Carolina Snowfall
Pisgah Covered Bridge
Mabry Mill
Mabry Mill Original
Mountain View
Springs Touch
Hendrix Farm
Granite Steps Os Savannah
Serving NC
NC State University
Serving Forsyth
Grandmas View