Larry Chandler Gallery

Larry Chandler

Larry has been National Artist of the Year for Ducks Unlimited (twice), Quail Unlimited, Waterfowl USA and his art hangs in the Smithsonian Institution. He has done artwork for The Franklin Mint, Lennox Co., The Hamilton Collection, SeaBrook Wallpaper Company, Spillsbury Puzzle Company, Ravensburger Puzzle Company, Manuel Wood Workers and Weavers, Goodwin Weavers, Fine Art Creations and Marathon Apparel to name a few. Larry still paints a variety of subject matter, but his popular sporting dog portraits have brought him the acclaim that has earned him commissions in several fields of art.
Larry Chandler
A Golden Autumn
A Storm Coming Up
Spoonbills and Ibis
Dog Day Afternoon
Photo Labs
How Time Flies
Ebony And Ivory
A Chance Of A Snow
A Passion For Red
Red Scarf
Elegance In Flight
Carolina Wren
Familiar Path
Walking On Sunshine
Snow Leopard
The Wading Crane
The Traditions Continue
Majesty In The Pines
Coming Off The Green Field
Honeymoon Suite
A Touch Of Black Magic
Friendship Is A Gift From God