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"The Sea Of Tranquility"
By Thomas Kinkade
Paper Lithograph
A/P Limited Edition

27 "

All images copyright © by Artist Thomas Kinkade. All rights reserved



"Come now, oh friend, and sail with me
Upon the tranquil, calming sea.
I search not for a chest of gold
Not for fine pearls or treasure olde;
I search instead for that which we
Will find now in Tranquility. . .

How true it is that we often sail to distant shores seeking that which lies hidden in our own heart, our own home. The Sea of Tranquility is not a place; it is all places, for it is buried deep within all people. Inside each heart is a private refuge; a place of serene rest which Christ referred to as 'the peace which passes understanding.' I picture this inner sanctuary as a golden ocean of light both warming and refreshing - a place I like to call The Sea of Tranquility. Won't you join me for a sail?"

Thomas Kinkade
Edition Size: 1170