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Edition Size 1170
Print Number 320



"Summer Gate"
By Thomas Kinkade
Paper Lithograph
A/P Limited Edition
$ 375


All images copyright © by Artist Thomas Kinkade. All rights reserved





"Every gate, to paraphrase a favorite song, has its season. The season for this dramatic portal, with its monumental pillars and ornate ironwork, its lavish blossoms and delicate palette of floral colors, clearly is summer. Summer Gate introduces my third print series to embrace the promise of a season by exploring the enticing world that lies beyond a secluded gate.

The Autumn Gate and Spring Gate Collections set my imagination in motion; Summer Gate is the next step in the process of my artistic inspiration. I guess you could say, as an artist it's always been hard for me to walk past a gate. They whisper to me of mysteries hidden within. They stand as symbols of the passages we all make in our lives, of the discoveries that await the curious and the courageous, of the ongoing revelation of God's grace.

Summer Gate is resplendent with flowers, as befits the gateway to the season of abundance. Roses climb the stonework; foxgloves, hollyhocks, azaleas embrace the pillars; the perfume of blossoms fills the air. A decorative plum tree shields the garden with the radiant pink and green of its leaves and blossoms. In the verdant distance we glimpse the majestic manor house that we'll visit in the Summer Gate series."

Thomas Kinkade