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"Stairway To Paradise"
By Thomas Kinkade
Paper Lithograph
S/N Limited Edition


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"In the most important ways, my life has been a progress. I have been blessed to seemy love of paintings grow and flourish, myrelations with family and friends deepen andmature.

"Underlying those worldly satisfactions, Ibelieve, is a spiritual progress. As an artist,I seek out beauty; I revel in the glory of God's creation. Lately, I've come to anunderstanding. What we call beauty is something more: a glimpse of the divine, a vision of Paradise. That profound truth is the inspiration for my new Visions of Paradise print collection.

"There are earthly places, living moments that speak to the deepest part of my imagination. They offer a glimpse of Paradise here on earth. In my painting Stairway to Paradise, a classic stone stairway embraced by climbing roses and
shaded by lavish flowering plum and dogwood trees, is such an emblem of the eternal. The stairs lead us up to glowing distant hedges and perhaps to the subject of the next piece in the collection!

"Won't you join me in stepping through that luminous passage through this painting and others to follow in this series of works? Together we will explore the garden vistas that perhaps can awaken in each of us memories of Eden."

Thomas Kinkade


S/N Edition of 3850
Size: 18" X 24"
Price $325