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"Hometown Bridge"
By Thomas Kinkade
Paper Lithograph
A/P Limited Edition
$ 375


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"My Hometown Memories collection, fondly revisits my idyllic childhood, and I have often found that the heart and emotions of the boy seems to blend with the mind and sensitivities of the adult artist.

That's especially true of Hometown Bridge, fifth in the series. In my earliest memories, bridges were often the focal points of adventure and thrilling play. I remember still the giddy delight of what seemed a climb to great heights, the reckless plunge into chill mountain waters, the joy of fishing, swimming, cavorting under the shadow of may bridges.

As a maturing artist, I recognize deeper meanings within bridges, those ravine-spanning passages we make in life: graduations, first love, marriage, the birth of children.

The sturdy brick structure in Hometown Bridge was inspired by a historic photo from my collection of 19th century material and evokes the solidity of my connection with the past. The farmer's cart making its way across the arching bridge is just right for a journey back in time; the slowness of the rhythmic hoof beats seem to suggest the ease of pace I cherish in earlier, less hurried times."


Thomas Kinkade




A/P Edition of 1170
Size: 24" X 36"
Price $375