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"Cobblestone Village"
By Thomas Kinkade
Paper Lithograph
P/P Limited Edition
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We've lived here, Nanette and I. Not in this precise village, I'll grant you, but in many like it, during our long and lovely stay in the English Cotswalds. Cobblestone Village conveys the qualitative difference between life in an English village and an American small town. The pace of life in Cobblestone Village seems a century removed from what we typically find in our fast paced culture. English country ilfe is slow, rich, satisfying. Activity centers on the village to an extraordinary degree. People come daily for the bakery, dairy, green grocery, butcher shop, as well as the warm conversation and fellowship that truly sustain life. The gathered town folk in Cobblestone Village are as natural, as informal as the overgrown hedges of flowers that line the lane.

It's a most satisfying way of living. As an artist I find the tumbledown charm and rich detail of rural English architecture fascinating particularly the amazing juxtaposition of a varitey of styles and structure. Where else can you find humble stone cottages beside rambling half-timbered Tudor homes, while a soaring Gothic church tower looms in the distance? Truly, there is a spice to village life."

Thomas Kinkade

A/P Edition of 1170
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P/P Edition of 1000
Size: 25 1/2" X 34"
Price $350