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"Cobblestone Brooke"
By Thomas Kinkade
Paper Lithograph
S/N Limited Edition


All images copyright © by Artist Thomas Kinkade. All rights reserved





"I wanted to make sure that my Cobblestone Lane would take us into the perfect little English village, so I went to my sketchbook and brought out some memories. There it was - a mossy Medieval footbridge spanning a babbling brooke with ancient stone buildings hugging a cobbled lane.

The village is Castle Combe in England's Wiltshire District. Nanette and I discovered it during our wanderings over the British countryside, and fell in love. We're by no means the only admirers of Castle Combe; it may be the most visited and photographed village in all of England. I've added some romantic touches: the varied textures of stone at dusk and the dance of reflected lights on the stream had, I pray, created a mood that is timeless beyond the mere physical features of the village. I suppose that's why I'm a painter, not a photographer.

By the way, if my Cobblestone Brooke looks familiar, it may be that you've seen it in the movies - - this quaint English village was the setting for the famous Dr. Doolittle movie of some years back. And what could be more English than Dr. Doolittle?"

Thomas Kinkade