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Edition Size 1475



"Beyond Summer Gate"
By Thomas Kinkade
Paper Lithograph
S/N Limited Edition

27 "

All images copyright © by Artist Thomas Kinkade. All rights reserved




Beyond Summer Gate portrays a center of tranquility as the poet Wallace Stevens imagined: "The house was quiet and the world was calm." This grand English country house resonates with the splendid solitude of its sylvan setting, brilliant with dogwood trees and late-blooming azalea blossoms.

"Summer is the season of color. The full range of nature's rainbow hues are on
display in this floral paradise. Indeed, I'vetaken some liberties in Beyond Summer Gate. I've compressed the season, allowing the early-flowering dogwood and the late blooming azalea to display their brilliant blossoms together. Here you'll find climbing roses, bluebells, foxgloves, and fruit trees
all in full flower as they never are in nature. The artist, after all, is entitled to a certain license, so long as it is in the service of beauty."

Thomas Kinkade