"Set Of All Four
Moonshine Series "

By Mel Steele
Limited Edition


Junior And The Boys
16 1/4" X 36"

S/N Edition of 1000

Number 718

Liker Business
19 1/2" X 30

The Pay Off
19 1/2" X 30"

Moonshine Mechanics
20 1/2" X 26"









All images copyright © by Artist Mel Steele. All rights reserved

This is a complete set of 4 prints of Mel Steele's Moonshine Series.

All four are numbered 718 of 1000

All prints are autographed by those in the print and the artist.

The prints have never been framed.

Three of the four prints have a small crease at the top of the print. They are hard to see unless the light is at the right angle. The creases where created when the prints where picked up improperly. I have seen these types of creases on many prints so it is not uncommon but I felt I should mention them. Once framed I don't think they would be seen. These prints should be looked at in person before you decide to purchase them. I have never seen another set of all four prints with the same number so this is a rare set and worth owning. Again the creases are minor but I always mention if there is any type of imperfection in the prints. If this set were perfect the price would be $2150 but because of the inperfections the price will be $1500 and worth every penny. Please call 704-838-6153 if you are interested. We are located in Statesville, NC .