"Southern Heritage"
By Jeff Jakub
S/N Limited Edition
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All images copyright © by Artist Jeff Jakub. All rights reserved

1500 Signed and Numbered

Left to Right:

James Ewell Brown "JEB" Sturat
Sturat, who was a West Point graduate, was commander of the First Regiment of the Virginia Cavalry. He was a hero to the South and a terror to the North.
Married Flora Cooke in 1855.

Nathan Bedford Forest
He was a hero to the poor Southern white man and a symbol of what the Confederacy was willing to do to win. He was known as the "Wizard of the Saddle".
Married Mary Ann Montgomery in 1846.

Robert E. Lee
Best known for his Christianity and his commitment to duty. Also known as a great battlefield Commander. Proven by his victory at Cancellorville, where his army was outnumbered 2 to 1.
Married to Mary Anna Randolph Curtis, in June, 1831, the great-granddaughter of Martha Washington.

"Stonewall" Jackson
Often referred to as "the genius of war", he was Robert E. Lee's greatest Lieutenant. Jackson defeated three Yankee armies single-handedly and all of them combined outnumbered him 4 to 1. At the mention of his name there was immediate fear for the safety of Washington, from "Mighty Stonewall".
Married to Mary Anna Morrison, in July, 1857, who was a North Carolina girl.

James Longstreet
Robert E. Lee's senior Lieutenant, Lee called him "my old war horse". He commanded the Army of Northern Virginia even out-ranking "Stonewall" Jackson.
Married to Louise Garland in 1848. They had 10 children.