"Vineyard Rendezvous"

By Dempsey Essick
Limited Edition


S/N Edition of 999
Size: 9" X 20 3/4"
Price $120


All images copyright © by Artist Dempsey Essick. All rights reserved

Vineyard Rendezvous

Vineyards are cropping up in the Yadkin River valley of North Carolina where tobacco used to grow. Old tobacco curing sheds are giving way to wineries and, in places, the landscape reminds one of scenes along the Rhine or the Moselle river valleys in Europe. Farmers hanging around the feed store nowadays are as apt to be discussing the current vintage as they are blue mold on tobacco.

"Vineyard Rendezvous" reflects the skill and devotion to his craft that we have come to expect of Dempsey Essick. In this painting each small bunch of grapes is perfect. Each leaf is painstakingly depicted. Each shadow and spot of light are exact. The painting could be cut in half, and each half could stand alone as a creditable painting.