"The Kids' Room"
His Things-Her Things

By Dempsey Essick
Limited Edition



S/N Edition of 999
Size: 15 1/4" X 12"
Price $106 (Both)


All images copyright © by Artist Dempsey Essick. All rights reserved

"The Kids' Room"
His Things-Her Things

THE KIDS ROOM consists of a paired set of watercolor paintings depicting some of those things that grown-ups save to recall those happy days of childhood. Hidden away in a closet or attic, the adult child is reluctant to allow present day kids to play with the treasures of the past. They are convinced that today's kids would not have the proper respect for a slightly worn Teddy Bear or Kewpie Doll. They would likely damage an irreplaceable model airplane or hand-cranked sewing machine.

In the mind of the adult dreamer it is far better for today's kids to have their own toys; to create their own play world and save their own relics that they can dream on someday.
Dempsey Essick's paired set of paintings will appeal to the child in everyone. In this delightful release he has touched a nostalgic chord in each of us.