"The Fledgling"

By Dempsey Essick
Limited Edition









S/N Edition of 999
Size: 18 3/4" X 26"
Price $350
Framed Only
Must be picked up at the gallery.




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The Fledgling

With "Mom and Dad's" encouragement the young Eastern Bluebird is about to take that first leap into a world of discovery where he can join his three siblings in the nearby oak tree. Within a few days the entire family might soar all the way to the top of the Pilot Mountain knob in the distance.
In this painting Dempsey presents a fresh view of the Pilot Mountain landmark in Surry County, North Carolina as seen from the Jack Fulk Farm. At the same time he acknowledges the recent honor of being elected President of the North Carolina Bluebird Society.

THE FLEDGLING was technically one of the most difficult of Dempsey 's paintings. The large sweep of grass, each blade of which had to be delineated, shaded and highlighted, along with the leaves on the oak tree and the tree line in the distance, all conspired to keep the artist bent over his easel for literally hundreds of hours.

Can you find the hidden hummingbird image?