"Allan Albaitis "



Allan Albaitis is not simply an artist who has chosen firefighting as his subject matter. He is a decorated veteran combat firefighter who creates art inspired by his profession.

Since 1982, Albaitis has been a firefighter with the City of Las Vegas Fire Department. His professional achievements include 1989 and 1999 nominations for the distinguished Firefighter of the Year award. In 1997, along with his crew from Engine Company #6 and Rescue 3, he received a Unit Citation of Valor and a Special Congressional Recognition for Heroism and Valor "above and beyond the call of duty" for a dramatic structure fire rescue of a 62-year-old woman.

Albaitis' many design achievements include the State of Nevada Professional Firefighter license plate, the LVFR's Limited Edition 50th Anniversary Badge, and the globally recognized "Card Patch" that has graced the shoulders of all uniformed LVFR personnel for many years.

Applying his background in art and painting, Albaitis has burst onto the scene of emerging artists with this series of prints entitled No Greater Love. The collection includes the patriotic Return to Glory, Guardians a sold out classic, the spectacular Millennium Challenge, Earth Angels a wall-of-fire heart-stopper, Guardians II- Sunrise, the sequel to the 1998 icon. and his latest limited edition release American Grace, the definitive 9/11 tribute, a year in the making. Collectors as far away as Sweden, Ireland, Saudi Arabia, and the Virgin Islands have purchased Albaitis' work.

The prints within the No Greater Love series are limited editions, signed and numbered. Individually, they are technically superb, emotionally connected, and shot from the heart. Each offers an intimate glimpse into the heroic world of the professional firefighter. With this series, the world of fire and rescue art has been turned on its heels. Allan Albaitis' work transcends any firefighter art to date.