Lorane Page

I was born in the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina. Life was simple but laborious during the years of my youth. These were the years of the Great Depression and World War II. I helped work in the tobacco and hay fields while my brothers were serving in the war.

Art was not taught in my school then so I had no early formal art training, but I was surrounded by nature's great beauty and filled my subconscious with color and space. Of my special memories are the times my younger brother and I climbed the highest peak on our farm to look into three states- North Carolina, Virginia and Tennessee. At his time I had no idea I would ever become an artist.

I finished high school at sixteen, graduated from business college, worked in an office, married my husband of 54 years, and raised three daughters, did church and volunteer work. I went to my first art show in the fifties. From then on I knew that would be my life's passion and I began painting without any lessons. From my very first show, my work has sold well. Since that first museum viewing, I have been to many galleries and museums throughout the world and have seen many artists demonstrate their work. Also, I have read many books by other artists and have learned from each of them. I was fortunate to get to study under the late Eliot O'Hare, from whom I learned much. He is considered one of the best watercolor teachers America ever had.

Since my work sold well, I did not keep many of my early works, but recently I have made giclee prints from some of my favorites. I am pleased and flattered that my work sells so well. I hope those who purchase them will get as much joy from ownership as I have from producing the work.

Even though I am aging, I still paint, garden, arrange flowers, sew, and work my daily crossword puzzle with a pen. But art has always been a driving force and a very satisfying one indeed. I feel very blessed. Thank you for reading this.