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April Days
Carolina Blue
Days Gone By
Distant Thunder
King Pilot Large
King Pilot Small

Not So Hidden

On A Clear Day
Pinehurst #10

Red Tails
Road To Pilot Large
Road To Pilot Small

Spring Showers
Grandma's View
Moutain View
Autumn Lane
Beside Still Waters
Carmel, Sunset On Ocean Ave
Evening Majesty
Hometown Bridge
Hometown Lake
Hyde Street and The Bay
Morning Dogwood
Pools Of Serenity
Stairway To Paradise
Stillwater Bridge
Streams Of Living Water

Law Enforcement

Justic At Love Valley
Serving Forsyth
Serving North Carolina
Sheriff's Posse At Love Valley
Sheriff's Posse
Sunday Morning At Love Valley
Ten Forty Three
The Moonshinner
Thunder Road
High Sheriffs
Reception Committe
SC's Finest
Ten Forty Two
Ten Twenty-eight

Animals 1

Contemplating Matrimony
Contemplating Matrimony II
Gossip Time Large
Gossip Time Small
In The Wings Large
In The Wings Small
Secret Place
Spoken For Large
Spoken For Small
The Suitors
Springs Touch
Sheriff's Posse At Love Valley
Sheriff's Posse
Sunday Morning At Love Valley
Dust Silk and Sweat
Grandpas Pleasures Grandmas Treasures
Hidden Prey
Pack House
The Thief
Times Remembered
A Chance Of Snow
A Golden Autumn
A Passion For Red.
Feathered Friends
House Of Hope Large
House Of Hope Small
In My Father's House

Animals 2

A Storm Coming Up
A Touch Of Black Magic
Basic Black
Carolina Wren
Coming Off The Greenfield
Dog Day Afternoon
Ebony And Ivory
Elegance In Flight
Familiar Path
Friendship Is A Gift From God
Honeymoon Suite
How Time Flies
Majesty In The Pines
Old Trucks And Good Dogs
Photo Lab
Prep School
Red Scarf.
Snow Leopard
Spoonbils And Ibis
The Sentinel
The Tradition Continues
The Wading Game
Three Of A Kind
Waiting For The Masters Command
Walking On Sunshine

Trains Planes Automobiles

VA Creeper At Todd
VA Creeper At West Jefferson

Winston-Salem Southbound
Back Street Station
Creeper At Stikes Hollar SN
Creeper At Stikes Hollar LRG
Creeper At Stikes Hollar SM
Creeper At West Jefferson

Elkland Station

Ripshin Trestle
The Cut At Devils Stairs LRG
The Cut At Devils Stairs SM

Indian Summer
Lost In The Fifties
Tiger In The Fall


Bald Head Lighthouse
Bodie Island Lighthouse
Cape Hatteras Lighthouse
Cape Lookout Lighthouse

Currituck Lighthouse
Myrtle Beach Days
Oak Island Lighthouse
Ocracoke Lighthouse
Quiet Harbor
Snowfall At Sunset
Blue Crab
Clearing Storms
Rock Of Salvation
Split Rock Light
The Sea Of Tranquility
Each Shell Is A Memory
In My Father's Arms Large
In My Father's Arms Small
The Sailboat Large
The Sailboat Small
Sailor's Cove
Moorehead Reflections


A Little Child Shall Lead Them_LRG
A Little Child Shall Lead Them SM
Building Bridges
Having Arms Open
Little Things
The Stray
Backyard Campers
Perfect Days End
Secluded Refuge
Best Friends
All Aboard


Grandpa's Tobbaco Barn
Junior And The Rumfelt Boys
Likker Days
Ten Forty Three
The Moonshinner
Thunder Road
Junior and the Boys
Moonshine Mechanics
The Payoff


Mabry Mill
Sunday Morning
The Water Barrel Small
The Water Barrel Large
Winter Heritage
Winter Soltice
After The Snow
Carolina Snowfall
Mabry Mill
Salem Snowfall
Winter In Salem
December Twlight
Just Married
Kept Late
One Horse Sleigh
Winter Evening Visitor
A Holiday Gathering
A Place For The Heart LRG
A Place For The Heart SM
Unless The Lord Builds The House
Rexs Blue Ridge Cabin
Snowed In
Winter Visits


A Holiday Gathering
A Holiday Gathering Framed
Christmas Memories
Christmas Memories Framed
Memories Of Christmas
Five Tubes Of Paint
One Horse Sleigh


A Quiet Evening large
A Quiet Evening small
Autumn At Ashley's Cottage
Clocktower Cottage
Cobblestone Brooke
Cobblestone Village
Everett's Cottage large
Everett's Cottage small
Lamplight Manor
Moonlight Cottage
Pine Grove Cottage
Tea Cup Cottage


Chantilly Lace
Gilda's Basket
Something Old, Something New
Susie's Touch
Mrs Shaws Bouquet


Apple Peeler
The Keeper
Feeding Time
Old Friends
The Orchard
Times Remembered

Filled To Over Flowing


Moravian Colors
Baptism At Tharp's Mill
The Mountain Chapel
Winter Evening Worship


Remember When Large
Remember When Small

Tobacco Road
Tobacco Pays The Bills
Curing Tobacco
Pack House
Family Ties Large
Familt Ties Small
Planting Tobacco
Sale Day
The Harvest


Something Sweet
Dust Silk and Sweat
Hometown Memories
Hometown Morning
Summer Gate
The Open Gate
Beyond Summer Gate
New River Landing
Stretched Tight
A Stitch In Time


Southern Heritage
Southern Sacrifice
The Last Stand


May Fly


In The Days Of Thy Youth
Loves Me Not, Loves Me
Spread Your Wings
Take No Thought For Your Life

Old Buildings

Green's Store
Nesbitts Large
Nesbitts Small
Remembering Spring
Salem Tavern
Tavern Lights
Winkler Bakery
Old Salem Square


Appalachian State University
Campbell University
Duke University
East Carolina University
North Carolina State University
The Old Well
UNC Charlotte
Wait Chapel


Carolina Snowfall
Sourwood Honey
Hendrix Farm
Springs Touch
A Holiday Gathering
A Place For The Heart LRG
A Place For The Heart SM
Unless The Lord Builds The House
December Twlight
Just Married
Kept Late
One Horse Sleigh
Winter Evening Visitor
Rexs Blue Ridge Cabin


Granite Steps of Savannah
Mabry Mill Winter

Mabry Mill Summer
Old Salem Square
Pisgah Covered Bridge
Salem Snowfall
Savannah Staircase
Spring On Bugaboo Creek
Winter In Salem
Tharps Mill

The Old Mill Stream
Bethania Summer
The Landmark


American Grace
American Grace 8 X 10
American Grace 11 X 14
Belly Of The Beast 8 X 10
Belly Of The Beast 11 X 14
Guardians 8 X 10
Guardians 11 X 14
Guardians II
Guardians II 8 X 10
Guardians II 11 X 14
Guardians Poster
Spirit In The Sky
Spirit In The Sky II